10 signs you're dating your best friend, 2. they can always make you laugh even if you re crying

When it comes to you and your bestie, christian dating plans are solid and do not have to be discussed. So have you crossed the line from best friends into something more? You've heard your whole life that marrying your best friend is the only way you'll be completely happy in life.

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However, my eyes were particularly opened to many of the specifics behind this phenomenon when he came to visit and stay with me in my college dorm over Labor Day Weekend. Having a partner who is also your buddy has infinite pros and at my last estimate zero cons. Check your inbox for the latest from Odyssey. You know you're on the best friend level when you're each other's first choice for any kind of adventure.

23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You re Dating Your Best Friend

10 signs you're dating your best friend

23 Things That Inevitably Happen When You re Dating Your Best Friend

The same way a friendship goes downhill quickly because one person is more invested than the other, a relationship fares the same. Why bother even looking for a date? They know exactly how to make you smile even when you feel like everything is awful. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In the end, I lost my best friend.

They'll make fun of themselves to make sure you're happy and never sacrifice your happiness for their pride. You feel more comfortable around them than with anyone else. We can talk about anything and everything. Rather, I failed to mention that my boyfriend and I are currently dating over long distance while I'm in college perhaps that's an article for another time.

10 signs you're dating your best friend

However, I personally feel as if the luckiest people are the ones who are fortunate enough to be dating someone who doubles as their best friend. It's you and them against the world. Helliwell, couples who consider their partner their best friend get almost twice as much additional life satisfaction from marriage or co-habition as others do.

1. You can sit in silence comfortably
  • We have the greatest relationship in the world and most couples really get jealous of us.
  • Sometimes we take on partners who aren't good to or for us, and who make trusting them sort of hard.
  • You Can Just Chill My favorite thing to do with my husband might sound boring to most, but we love it.

However, when you're dating someone who's like your best friend, you know that goodbye only means until next time. At San Diego State University. If I'm not mistaken, I think that's a sufficient backstory for this one. They are the first person you want to talk to about anything, and you both insist on keeping in constant contact when you are apart. They were best friends and it was always been them together.

Sometimes the best part about dating your best friend is that you don't even see labels at all. If there's one benefit to dating your best friend, it's the idea that each of you probably have a firm grasp on the other's sense of humor. Anyway, if your relationship thrives off of the idea of sending each other Clickhole articles on an all-too-frequent basis, I am here to inform you that you just might be dating your best friend. They can make you laugh and smile, even when you are feeling at your lowest.

They know your worst of habits, your guiltiest of pleasures, and your deepest, darkest secrets. We have been made stronger by time and its challenges. Follow Waverly on Facebook.

3. Any and all conversations are acceptable

10 signs you're dating your best friend

But i went out with him, nonetheless. So when you're lucky enough to date someone who you trust wholeheartedly, never let them go. If you and your bestie have had a fight that felt more like a breakup, then things have definitely taken a romantic turn. You get the intimacy, romance, and passion of a relationship mixed with the fun times, adventures, and inside jokes of friendship. We have been together since we were in college and now, we are even working in the same hospital.

Personally, having never been in a relationship before, this is something I had never had the pleasure of experiencing. Instead of feeling surprised, I felt confused. All you need for a good time is each other. Does he tell you about the newest video game coming out, his weird issues with his mom, or the hair he found in his soup?

10 signs you're dating your best friend

2. They can always make you laugh even if you re crying

10 signs you're dating your best friend

They can handle your strange cravings, like Wendy's chicken nuggets at four A. It's the best feeling in the world knowing that someone is down to spend time with you no matter what and has your back every step of the way. Your email address will not be published. It devastated me the last time.

  1. It's the best way to live because you can solve any problem together since you know each other better than anyone else.
  2. Fall in love with your best friend.
  3. You even boast about their achievements and share their amusing anecdotes with the same enthusiasm as if they were your own.
  4. If you ask me, there's something to be said for two people who can sit silently and not feel a single ounce of awkward energy.
  5. Someone annoying you at a party?

3. They re okay with your strange food habits

Because they agreed where it mattered. Nothing can ever really break us apart. In fact, dating you can even sit in silence without it being awkward. Your friends are their friends and vice versa.

You can finish each other's sentences, nearly read each other's minds, and silently look into each other's eyes to feel a million and one things. Follow Alice on Twitter Pinterest Instagram. This is entering lover territory. Thankfully science, experts, and psychologists have a few ideas about what traits and factors make up that type of close, free nigeria sugar mummy lasting bond.

Then he would take something of mine, like a coffee mug. Sometimes, whats some free dating our friends catch on to things before we do. She was a die-hard Florida State University fan and he loved the Gators.

So when has your love crossed the barrier into best friend, soulmate material? We are both nurses and we have made a living taking care of other people but we take care of each other nevertheless. Nope, not even a Twitter mention! Sure, you may not be entirely certain about when that next time may be, but you have enough faith in one another and in your bond to know that you will pick up right where you left off.

No facades exist in a relationship with someone who doubles as your best friend. So how did they still act like best friends after decades of marriage? Specifically, no words from the other person in the room. Don't worry about it, you had to be there.

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At Eastern Michigan University. There's no need to pretend or impress when you're dating your best friend, so the lines of communication are completely and totally open, and quite frankly, it's amazing in every sense of the word. In the end, the relationship did not go well. No feigned happiness or commiseration here.

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