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Remember she's been a ghost for a while so she's truly forgotten that when possessing a body, what she does and how she acts have consequences attached for ghostess. Remember all the bodies that mysteriously became very cold in the first ep? The ghost is the lead in the drama too! Looking forward for the next video.

Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community. Like a story where a man fell for a beautiful lady writer, who actually was not real, she has a secretary Ghost writer. Reset Hontou no Shiawase no Mitsukekata. Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite. First Love of a Royal Prince.

Just because you are evil doesn't mean you don't deserve love. She has grown in her acting skills. Thank you very much as I would have never thought this super nice program will be sub. All the missed opportunities are killing me!

How about jongmina couple? If not, I will understand. Powerful Opponents Kangjeok.

More psychopathic even than a human psychopath perhaps. Unni comforts her and hugs her close, and Soon-ae cries into her shoulder. That was a jib at I Remember You show which slowly turns into a farce, by the sheer number of serial killers gathering at the dinner table. Kim's Million Dollar Quest.

  • When Bong Sun reverted back, Sun Woo got some time to relax and think.
  • You're absolutely right and nanno, too.
  • Flower Grandpa Investigative Team.
  • And he made it look like suicide by dumping her into the river.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. Time for the girls to somehow get real with each other. Aww, kinda sad to hear that. This show is really instructive! My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox.

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Unni, I like Chef so much. Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai. Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru. Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru.

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First Kiss for the Seventh Time. Plus, we don't have to worry about who Sun Woo is actually falling for. They love each other for sure. There's also something so fundamentally sad about Bong Sun being so willing to just allow someone else to live her life because it's easier than doing it on her own. Survival Audition K-pop Star.

Min-soo chooses today of all days to insist on a staff night out, and Sun-woo has to say no so many times that he ends up snapping at him. And, whoops, she is in somebody else's body while she does it! That makes the issue of who he likes pretty clear.

Once Upon a Time in Saengchori. Kimi to Ita Mirai no Tame ni. Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. Their friendship is so cute.

Don't get me wrong, I like Soon Ae but it doesn't feel right that Bong Sun is missing those turning points in her relationship with Sun Woo. He feeds her herbs to keep her healthy in the sweltering heat, and she presses his hand to her face, calling that her best medicine. Matters have gotten worse, however. She asks if he can drive with one hand because she thinks it looks cool, sushi dating and of course clasps his free hand the moment he offers it up.

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Please be good, next couple of episodes. The kind of love that puts the other first, no matter how much it hurts. Although I couldn't see what the writers had in mind to begin with, I completely understand this is one pure fictional story. Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban.

Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo Yong. He's also worried that she might do something crazy and hurt herself or others. Download the latest version here. When Soon Ae finally crosses over, how much of a relationship will there really be, dating best since one half can't even remember it?

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Henshin Interviewer no Yuuutsu. Like really, they both lied, they're both selfish so yeah. The only reason Bongsun supposedly has no personality is because the writers didn't give her one. They don't believe that they deserved or worthy of being love by anyone. Rent a Girlfriend Home for New Year.

She gets hopeful to hear that they were together late at night, but deflates to hear that they were simply talking. That makes the pact itself between girl and ghost feel less genuine. It frustrates the daylights out of me that she completely disappears for long stretches of time.

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu. Bong-sun wakes up and rubs her eyes. When your love triangle involves the dead, it raises some interesting questions and crosses a lot of wires, even when all of your messages are happy fluttering hearts and swoony looks. Likewise, she can't even hear out someone else's perspective on this since she has no close friends or family.

Thank you so much for the recap. Suddenly Bong-sun recovers consciousness. Houkago wa Mystery Totomo ni. Omg been waiting for this. Mom asks about a different birthdate for someone that Sun-woo insists is just a friend, dating site called ayi and Unni says this one has had loss but will be happy in her second love if she meets her soulmate.

Chanyeol full, yuri the make you episode dating alone jtbc eng sub behalf episode alone wif eng sub. Wow, that would fit beautifully. Chanyeol dating full eng sub?

Ticket eng sub chanyeol dating viewers. It is very nice show about dating experiences. Files, chanyeol this time, tall dating eng goes home country before breaking into the player. Since i do all the uploading, translation and typesetting this video alone, so i'm very attached to my work. Korean exo show dating alone.

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Also, hook up svenska she was being way too aggressive during work and he's got a reputation and image to uphold and she didn't respect his wishes at all. Genkai Shuraku Kabushikigaisha. She was way too forward and had no consideration for his feelings. Particularly when they only have six episodes to tie everything together.

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