Dating griswold cast iron cookware, dating wagner cast iron skillet

We share with you some benefits of cooking with cast iron. Here are tips to help you with your research as you venture into the world of vintage cast iron skillet identification. The walls of the skillets were thinner but often much nicer than the later period iron.

Dating Wagner Cast Iron

How to Identify Markings on Wagner Cast Iron

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos

Do you want to know more about the history of the Griswold Manufacturing Company. People really enjoy and treasure these old skillets including myself. In addition to a crack, you may notice pitting across the bottom and against the inside edges. The Erie is missing underneath the logo.

What are the pros and cons of cast iron cookware? Vintage Cast Iron Cookware. One of the best ways to tell is by the font, location, facts online dating and styling of the logo and trademarks on the bottom of the cookware. Send this to a friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

Dedicated to Cast Iron

  1. Again this is a wide conservative range.
  2. However, the sizes were more limited.
  3. The bottom of unmarked Wagner pans may be smooth, or they may have a heat ring.
  4. If there was a problem with one of the molds, Okay which mold was it?
  5. If not, it was manufactured by Favorite.
  6. However, a cracked pan is doomed if you plan to use it and is not a wise purchase for a collector.

Skillets lost much of their character however there are some beautiful skillets around with the small block logo. In all honesty, you may be able to keep the pan in better shape if you just keep using it! Any Griswold item not manufactured in Erie is not associated with that company.

Some of the Victor pans have the Griswold name on them and some do not. However these pans are still great cookers. Old gate marked skillet griddle. There are conflicting dates so I used the wider conservative timeline.

Dating wagner cast iron skillet

If you run across a pan with an underlined number imprinted sideways on the bottom center of the pan, you likely have a pan that was manufactured by Vollrath pan in thes and s. Hammered products are tougher to locate than regular items. Note letter on bottom of skillet and underside of handle.

Be as descriptive as you can when doing your search. These seem to indicate a run series, and generally can be ignored. Do you have a Merit skillet? When a lid and bottom were hooked together as a set, new dating trend it is referred to as hinged.

Vollrath cast iron skillet no. However the store brands and the Iron Mountain range are pretty good. It was still within the double circle and cross. Pattern letters were used to identify a mold used in production.

Griswold Cast Iron History

One of the main reasons that Griswold is so popular is that the items are quite easy to date. Griswold also made the large block cast iron skillet with a smooth bottom rather than the familiar heat ring. The block logo is very similar the the slant logo however Griswold is no longer in italics.

Please join us as we recreate some old-time traditional recipes. Ghost marks are always interesting. These pans were manufactured in the s. Wikipedia also some information on Griswold. Smooth bottom pans are like what we use today.

Our Pastimes

While a bit of pitting is not a deal breaker, it may be an indicator of heat damage rather than just an uneven seasoning or burned oils built up over time. This skillet, in excellent condition, vh1 new reality can be worth thousands of dollars. Any help would be much appreciated. Please enter your name here.

Griswold cast iron skillet dating

They seemed to coat just the outside of skillets and lids in the porcelain while the inside remains black iron. This proud owner explains why. Finally, collectibles expert Tony Hyman reminds us that each piece, depending on the condition, will need to be separately assessed and priced. There, if you are lucky, you will find identifying information about your pan.

Griswold cast iron markings include

Even though it traveled cross country it arrived before Christmas so I could have it out on display. Cast iron vs enameled cast iron. It is difficult to find one of these skillets with the spider logo in excellent condition. What are the benefits of ceramic cookware? Experts with Cast Iron Collector offer a detailed listing of what pans were made in certain eras, and which logos were used as the years went by.

Other than having it confirmed it is real and factory Griswold made by others and from what I can see face to face I really cant find any other info on it? Long life skillet however were made by Wagner Manufacturing. You can probably see why the Griswold Small Logo is less collectible than other logos. Amazing that it never had any food on it until I bought it.

Dating Wagner Cast Iron - Wagner Cast Iron Skillet

Griswold cast iron skillet dating - NoDa Brewing Company

Griswold cast iron skillet. Identify date your skillet using logos

  • While you might find information, verifying its accuracy is always a good idea.
  • The finish was either dull or polished.
  • Nevertheless, any of the spider logos, both good and just decent, are in big demand.

Porcelain or enamel finish. The guide at castironcollector. Where on the bottom does the logo appear? In a fire burnt down the foundry. Griswold made another lower-priced range of cast iron known as Iron Mountain.

Griswold Logo And Identification

In addition, modern-day cast iron tools are often sand-casted, rather than mold-casted. However many sellers value their sellers at market value. Take care to take extreme safety precautions when working with lye. Also looking at sold listings on eBay should give you an idea on the value of your skillet.

How to Identify Markings on Wagner Cast Iron

Lye burns are not something you wish to experience. It seems to be quite rare. Bookmarked the website and will definitely order again. Note the size number is now stamped on the handle.

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